Transform your business with Aimplan.

The leading platform for Integrated Planning in Power BI.


Put an end to siloed work and uncertain outcomes

Aimplan is built to help businesses think ahead and rapidly adapt to change. The cloud-based technology is a cost effective, light addition to your existing Microsoft infrastructure. Extend Power BI with complex scenario modeling, automated data analysis, and advanced machine learning capabilities.

The best in the business

Gartner positions Power BI as the #1 leader in Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

Customer Testimonial
“What we really liked about 480th is that they went the extra mile to learn our business, but also challenged us to grow. They put our interests first, even above their own.”
- SVP Finance, Distributor
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Integrated Planning

Integrated Planning delivers insight and improves efficiency with real-time collaboration across your company. Experience the benefits of creating and evaluating multiple scenarios in your plans. Plan as a team, instead of in silos.